Heat Signature Art Submission

Tom Francis is having open submissions for art work on his newest game called Heat Signature. After reading his requirements and suggestions for where he wanted to go with the game, I did some mockups to demonstrate where I would go with the art direction. The following is what I submitted:

Player Ship:

For the player ship, I designed a base grey/black/white ship which would be used with an overlay color.

playerShipBase  playerShipBlue   playerShipGreen   playerShipRed



For the interior of the player ship, I kept it simple with a seat, control panel, and power lines running to the thrusters.





Space Background:

I designed a small section of what I thought the space background should look like for the game. It is a simple background with color gradients layered on top.



Ship Interior Sample:

This is how I imagine the sleeping quarters for the interior of a ship. Just like the player ship, the grey base would be overlayed with a color so that one interior can be used multiple times throughout the game.

shipInteriorBase  shipInteriorRedOverlay